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tv   Cross Talk  RT  July 4, 2018 3:30pm-4:01pm EDT

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my limit come on that much is true and i to be meeting your mother similar to you when you are truly getting you're doing it all chill so much as to know. this is a more lenient. social problem with style so you come on do you wish you just disappear on the table and you will cheat so back to q e two sweet a good player but you. knew he was a symbol. ok so i was told that you are the good talent. that you are the kids with with good potential so i come to give a look at your coach's ear and i just stay outside i'm looking at you with with all my attention but don't feel any pressure just feel happy and and free ok you will. go.
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one thing is. another thing if. you pass the ball to the right speed and control it buzzes readable if i control the ball here is one thing and then i need one what and i need one more second another thing is it passes me the ball and with my control. my control i can give immediately speed to the game so little things little good makes the game much much better make you feel look for example to all of in his name irrational yet if they look to him the first the first control the speed of the of the bus polish always got a. well
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i'm. positively surprised with what i see what i see in these little sessions and i hope the poll should be easy for me i've also seen my my players being professional players. they enjoy more than the period where they are playing in the period where they have the practice but this is as important exercises that they can do outside the little little game just secret in achieving that much trophies the secret is what i was asking you to enjoy but at the same time if you says if you want to reach
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a certain level. has to be a serious serious thing every minute of the world. working with my players i take it very very serious always of the smile always happy to do something that i really like to do but i always read to you the great cause and be the grit and be sure to have fun every minute throughout on the pitch take it seriously what's your favorite leading muchas tonight for if i answer you are the the other one is the goal which is like when you want a father and you have more of them than ones then one son which one is the favorite son. i have a son in the block that i cannot say which one is my favorite. my favorite what's the difference in training russian players english players i think in the when the one of the secret sees the competitiveness of the league every club has probably eighteen twenty twenty. beaches like this one. on the for the academy's hold.
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with kids like you. with facilities like the like with the passion of the russian. people as for food well with what the world cup can change in terms of their. mentality in a sea of all united states mexico kind of can be a target for the russian national team to to improve let's make a challenge and sometimes challenge is all dreams they become reality one day so let's see in the next twelve years. i coach the russian national team and some of them they play for me they will. until i arrived.
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and i was might see some those youngsters in russia's next world cup squad oh darn now of course the last eight. the world that been on a roller coaster ride from the very start to some both seems to be a bit of a year that needs it but what emotional support they've got their four legged friends with them for company.
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that's it from me now for a while studio in st petersburg for. all the frills on spills of world cup when did team as it rumbles on this some also called stacy about to.
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donald trump will soon visit europe is a very busy agenda and it's unclear what kind of reception people get topping his i ten or where he will be trade relations nato and russia never before has an american president been expected with so much apprehension. is when the interest on the debt is greater than your taxes. then you have to throw down all pretenses of quantitative easing and just. monetizing debt such a bank is just printing and buying back its own. place then you get into what's called a banana republic named after
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a country america that typically are in the but out of business. monetization of their own. collapse as well argentina come to mind this is going to be contagious and going into america. again the other stories were across the u.s. independent rob of them brimming with. a majority of americans for the first time in at least eighteen years no longer extremely proud of their country the findings are in a new survey by pollsters gallup which tallies with other recent research which also reflect a downward trend in takes a closer look. the fourth of july american independence day a time for barbecue fireworks and celebrating the old stars and stripes.
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but is the patriotic impulse dying among americans a new poll shows that not all americans are swelling with national pride the poll indicates that less than half of americans actually say that they're extremely proud of their country and that's with donald trump playing up us exceptionalism we're going to make americans make america great again great again are you planning to celebrate the fourth of july this year actually i'll be working as i am sure there's every day comp by an easy going all came out this year and when asked if they were proud of their country extremely proud of their country only forty seven percent of americans said yes that's less than half what do you make of that poll. i saw that i don't understand i'm in that the other category am extremely proud and now we look so bad in court towards other countries where looking towards us
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and saying that we look so separated now instead of being united i suppose it's about mainly really it's just just simply the president. when asked i think you get it that there is not a political. level happening just faith and leadership to really come down to what i think deep down the numbers probably higher but people may feel a grudge about certain political you know swings these days used to be that once a year americans put aside their political differences and march behind the american flag is one on independence day however this year it seems that partisan political differences are impacting our americans feel about the festivity. cable mop an art see new york next a court in ecuador has issued an arrest warrant for former president rafael correa allegations that he was involved in the kidnapping of a right wing opposition lawmaker in two thousand and twelve the judges requested that interpol extradite the ex leader from belgium where he now lives the
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kidnapping of phenomena took place in the colombian city of bogota police the scope of the abduction after a few hours though and he was unhurt bulger says he believes the former ecuadorian president masterminded the incident although korea has repeatedly denied any involvement the former opposition politician was in colombia after he fled ecuador to avoid facing charges of involvement in a coup attempt against korea in twenty ten ball that was later sentenced to a year in prison for conspiring against the ecuadorian government former president correct claims the arrest warrant out for him shows he's being persecuted for political reasons. they cannot defeat us in elections so they try to defeat us use in the judicial system so we have to stop that there is no democracy they are invented whatever they want because they are controlling everything the media the system in the national assembly etc in order to pursuit. especially less leftist leaders but in the case of myself
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and my. government in full this is show all this is very plentiful a strategy in order to prevent myself to return to my contrie so we can do that again even more to. put for instance a stop in the process of security the security for the for me they stop i don't have any more security for the state so they want me also that. it's working conditions in french law enforcement are being described as being in a true crisis a newly released report flags up a number of issues including grueling shuttles and excessive stress and also highlights a worrying number of suicides among police officers. today we are on edge of an implosion there has already been daily violence in our relationship with people it's a job without gratitude. was was
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the was on an almost daily basis offices on the frontline of violent protests terrorism and a wave of my question the issue highlighted by the report is the high level of suicides within the police force it says it's thirty six percent higher than in the general population forty c. a fabulous a week police officer is a bad officer in the eyes of others so colleagues don't want to talk about their problems with other officers tom is currently still working as a police officer to be able to talk openly about the issue of suicide in the force he asked us to hide his identity and so the problem is we don't have support when it's bad at home and it's bad work we don't know who to confide in recently i could visibly see a colleague was looking good unfortunately i didn't have
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a way to report that we felt something was wrong fifteen days later he took his life tom says police officers are under pressure twenty four hours a day and a never able to step away from the job and he says it's becoming more and more difficult to carry out his work teach the staff shortages and a lack of first source's bazzi asked someone from the interior ministry to comment on the plate in this report so far we have had no response but earlier this year the minister responsible for the internal security forces made this statement to the committee the sticky to the issue should have all day and at the end of twenty seventeen i asked the director of national police and the director. the national gendarmerie to work on an analysis of the reasons for suicides the parliamentary committee report also says police and security forces all so understaffed they've
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worked almost twenty two million hours in overtime with that compensation if it were to be paid it would cost a staggering two hundred and seventy two million euro much of this it states is down to the heightened terror threat and its peak tourism season kicks in pickpockets and scam artists are adding to the pressure the senators say the only way to relieve it is to hire more officers between three and four thousand of them almost half the amount president back on his promise to boy over a five year period the parliamentary report makes more than thirty recommendations to help turn this crisis around it's been welcomed by police unions he said something must be done to prevent the entire system from collapsing since the terror attacks in twenty fifteen we're in much more demand the number of missions
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has multiplied but if we don't have the resources it's only going to get worse and they say you can't put a price tag on the security of the french republic charlotte you can ski r.t. paris about your global news and world cup wrapped up for this hour i'm calling bryce over me in the team in moscow for now thanks for checking in without. a fight for many clubs over the years so i know the game and so i got. the ball isn't only about what happens on the pitch for the final school it's about the passion from the fans it's the age of the super manager killian erroneous expenditure to do the twenty million jobs. imply a. book it's an experience like nothing else on here because i want to share what i think what i know about the beautiful guy my great so one more chance with.
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the face this minute. ministries police forces and city administrations of many countries depend on one corporation and another by michael hoping the board doesn't want the president's job to just damas down the guns. with as that he that is not on him to see the most of them proprietary software you don't know the source code isn't that a such a security risk when you have a black box operating the public eye to microsoft dependency puts governments under a cyber threat and not only that. mole. is selling the souls of the world to move. the suit. with. things this is. the
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host i'm done with the old vision stopped and there was a string of phone calls a fund is up and his cards on the fine. fellow in welcome to cross talk were all things are considered i'm peter lavelle donald trump will soon visit europe has a very busy agenda and it's unclear on what kind of reception he will get topping his i ten or where he will be trade relations nato and russia never before has an american president been expected with so much apprehension the trump juggernaut continues.
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to cross talking a strange da lies i'm joined by my guest marcus papadopoulos in london he. the editor of politics for us magazine in oxford we have to see he is a senior policy consultant at british american security information council and in our slow we have glenn these and he is a visiting scholar at the higher school of economics all right gentlemen crossed rules in effect that means you can jump in anytime you want i always appreciate our marcus let me go to you first in london with the advent of donald trump and i'm not even saying the administration of donald trump but donald trump is his vision of america first compatible with the mission that we were told by the think tanks and the four thousand nato bureaucrats is it the two compatible nato's mission and donald trump go ahead marcus. yes i do believe that and i believe that one and
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a half years into donald trump's presidency he has clearly in categorically demonstrated that he's like his predecessors i said on cross talk to in his election campaign in two thousand and sixteen and afterwards that there would be no changes to american foreign policy under trump presidency and that there would be no changes to nato. a trump presidency i think a lot of people would live in cloud cuckoo land or there were ideological reasons for why people really for mr trump was going to try and change american foreign policy and of course he hasn't done anything like that on the him he has increased nato presence on the western borders of the russian federation and of course he has now directly involved america in syria twice he has attacked
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syria cruise missiles on the first occasion in april two thousand and seventeen that cruise missile attack resulted in the deaths of twenty syrian so. which is and nato under mr trump is strong and he's got inch stronger last year mr trump agreed to the accessions to nato of months and i quote some people laughed at that but these people don't understand the significance of that now that montenegro is in nato in nato that means nato it's now this so moscow of the h. react to c. and soon macedonia will apply and then ukraine would apply the trump of the markets let me go let me go to ted in oxford but there'd have been what you just said there are a lot of other people are saying that he wants to tweak the nato alliance not dismantle it i mean you know angela merkel for example the relationship that trump
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has with angela merkel not very good we know that there is a he wants a review of the number of american troops that are in germany finding it out what you know it's seventy plus years after the end of the second world war there is what thirty five thousand troops there are you saying the same thing about south south korea and we have you know it's not about nato it's also about trade relations and it seems to me that i can i guess i'm kind of answer my own question is that i don't think america first is compatible with the traditional american foreign policy at least the pillars of it not to say that those pillars are going to disappear go ahead your take on it ted in oxford thank you very much peter i think we have to look at the multiplicity of trump policies across the board and not just try and narrowly focused on what we usually call foreign policy because i think that's a huge mistake i would argue in the first place that i tend to agree with you that trump is a subversive element when it comes to the traditional nato alliance because he's
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questioning its integrity and its existence in a backhanded manner but more importantly by focusing on trade and by starting what some people are regarded as the tariff wall. but i don't personally he's challenging the w t o in the fundamentals of international political and economic discourse since the end of world war two and then beyond that he's also very much against open borders he's very much interested in limiting migration and refugee movements into the u.s. and i think he's sending a signal to europeans that that kind of politician can be very popular as we've already discovered in italy and other places and it's a good point and let's go to also glenn trump's real mantra when it comes to nato he's not interested in tanks and planes and what not he's interested in money ok and he has not let this go he keeps pounding away at it i mean you know he said a few news cycles ago is that the e.u. is just as bad as china ok i mean he wants people to pay their way i mean if you
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have the numbers right here germany only pays one point one percent of its g.d.p. of three point eight trillion dollars that's a year ok supposed to pay two percent and if they tow is all about facing off russia well germany's g.d.p. is three times russia's ok so i mean we'll get to the russian angle soon but basically he wants everybody to pay their bills and that's how he's being the disrupter go ahead. you know i don't agree with that assessment because he is quite militaristic. to a certain extent more aggressive than obama in both ukraine in syria however i think that he is still contributing to a crisis in the alliance simply because he expresses this extreme hostility towards paying for the security of our allies. but more importantly the trombetta is often questioned and they do and so. the cold war has been over for some time.
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coming from terrorism and china so i actually trumps american commitment to this cold war security architecture being. his strength could make him more prepared to strike a deal as a multiple world emerges and this effectively undermines nato however i don't think it comes to russia i think it's more. proceed with trade the w t o. end of the day it's all about money and i guess his main concern is. this how empires and when will this not heard from the court to have heard the court begins to crumble ok well you know markets i think i actually think this is part of trying strategy because this is the achilles heels of the nato alliance they don't want to pay their way they want the americans to do it and trump is saying no more of that and we have the prospect and i think it's actually kind of genius in a way you know he's going to meet with putin afterwards and helsinki and everyone
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is traveling in their boots he might make a deal we might make a deal what deal would that be i mean i find watching what western mainstream to be this hysterical ok because usually don't know what they're talking about but he's using this as making a deal but he's meeting with the nato allies first and i can do think my own reading of this is so you saying what are you going to offer me nato i already told you what i'm interested in oh and bought by the way i'm going to be meeting vlad later i think it kind of prompts the europeans to get their act together and how to deal with donald trump because obviously if you read the mainstream press there's a lot of in typically towards the american president go ahead mark. well i agree in that donald trump is first and foremost a businessman i believe that he ran for president to further his own personal business interests and to expand his business empire let's not forget for many decades he has had long personal ties to both saudi arabia and israel in the first
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six months of his presidency he signed defense contracts of saudi arabia total in hundreds of billions of dollars now that demonstrates he's not going to change american foreign policy but he's going to enhance it if it benefits him now in regard to nato what donald trump has raised the issue about how much nato member states are contributing to the defense budget each year yes but also the british prime minister has done that and other leaders within nato have done that as well but that does not mean he doesn't believe in the objectives of the nato or the remit of the nato when in the last year and a half as i said earlier nato has increased its presence on russia's western borders who gave permission so that it wasn't a reserve money it wasn't stoltenberg nato is america donald trump put his signature on paper to consents to a nato buildup and increased nato buildup on russia's western borders we mustn't be
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under an illusion about donald trump you know ok but i think that we got a ten year but i think you can make the argument that that is essentially being forced upon the trumpet ministration because of the laughable hysterical you lucian called russia yes but i can't really add any of our administration critics are going to get it on me and i'm getting an argument out of me on that but i tend to think that there are extraneous things going on here ted i think also what trump is doing when it comes to budgets is it well if russia is such a threat to you well then why don't you pay up to mean you know know you. if you're afraid why don't you on once you pay more i mean then if you're not afraid then you know then you have to rethink about the whole nature of nato ok i think we all know all our viewers know that trump ran a campaign with better it having better relations with russia he's he's folk billing his his campaign promise ok where it will go is anyone's guess go ahead.
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thank you. the business about building up the presence on russia's border that's a nato process that requires consensus among all the allies and that's been in play for a lot longer than donald trump's presidency that's the culmination of plans that started about ten or twelve years ago quite frankly even before the incidents in georgia and ukraine and now that has come to fruition but it didn't cost america anything so it's a concession that president trump could easily make because it's not adding to his bottom line very much at all only really fractionally on the margins but here's the thing he's log rolling he's making a concession on that point but he's going to expect logs to be rolled in his direction in turn i think you're exactly right i think he's pushing the two percent of g.d.p. defense spending by everyone across the board in nato on a very serious basis because if countries in nato don't agree to it it's going to add to the republican vote in twenty eighteen and it's going to add to the
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republican vote in two thousand and twenty when president is up for reelection ok well that that that's very interesting because it gives this opportunity i like that logs rolling in his direction and we'll discuss what he could expect for that here gentlemen i'm going to jump in here we're going to go to a short break and after that short break we'll continue our discussion on a strange allies stay with art. for a world cup twenty eight team coverage we've signed one of the greatest goalkeepers of it was done but there was one more question and by the way it's going to be our coach. guys i know you are nervous he's a huge star among us and the huge amount of pressure you have to go meet the center of the problem here with you and we will go through all the great good great.


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